The authenticity of ingots with the logo VERISCAN™ can be
easily verified directly in the database of PAMP® Refinery.
We offer maximum security, safety and comfort.

Imagine gold bars under a microscope. Absolutely same fineness, weight and size. However, each ingot has a unique surface, which is different from other ingots. It is the same as a human’s fingerprint. Each print is the original.

The Swiss Refinery PAMP® developed a unique technology, which is capable of using this unique feature. They called the technology VERISCAN™, and its name consists of two words – verification (authentication) and scanning.

VERISCAN™ is a system which changes the whole view of the market with investment precious metals.

Low costs and its ease of use are main advantages of this new system which immediately identifies all registered products from precious metals coming from the PAMP® Refinery.

This unique method of verification brings benefits both to sellers and investors. It gives confidence to distributors that the repurchased ingots are without adjustments or impairment, and they do not have to melt them in a complicated way and verify their fineness.

However, this technology brings even greater advantages to investors. In recent time, certified refineries have been increasingly struggling with falsification of their own products, which have logos and other characteristics as their own products but that were manufactured in a non-branded, garage melting furnace or pressing shop and which were furnished with a false refinery certificate. Gold with a doubtful origin, fineness and weight can find its way to investors.

Though, it cannot happen in case of ingots with the logo VERISCAN™. Every investor can have the ingot verified and find out directly from the refinery if this ingot with unique surface comes from their production – from the prestigious Swiss Refinery PAMP®. Investment ingots shall not be damaged or devaluated.

Technology VERISCAN™ uses a microscopic metal topography when every detail of the ingot surface is captured during its manufacture, its uniqueness is recorded in the database and from this moment on, it is easy to verify if the ingot underwent any change. In case of smaller ingots, the surface of both sides is recorded in the database in the course of manufacture, both without its package and with its package. In case of ingots with the weight of 250 grammes and more, all six sides of the product are being recorded in the database for better identification and higher reliability.

A high-quality scanner and authorized access to the refinery database, where surface details of individual ingots are stored, are sufficient for identifying the ingot. The verification is highly reliable and easy – as is the document scanning.

In the course of verification, the package, which is also a part of the ingot certificate, is not damaged, and the ingot is not marked or damaged in any way. The verification can be made repeatedly, e.g. based on the change of owners, and this shall not have an impact on the ingot either. The system is also capable of recognizing common scratches on the package or small changes which can occur now and then.

IBIS InGold® a. s. provides its partners and clients with this unique possibility of verifying the origin and fineness of investment gold as well.