We are an official European distributor of PAMP®
trademark. The ingots of the PAMP® Refinery are not
interchangeable. The most famous motif is LADY FORTUNA™.
It is a symbol of beauty and wealth.


IBIS InGold® a. s. is proud to get through a long and demanding process of certification and verification by the prestigious Swiss Refinery PAMP® and to become its official distributor.

As one of the few subjects in Europe, we obtained a licence for on-line sale, for sale to end customers and last but not least for sale to wholesale partners.

That’s why the IBIS InGold® clients can be sure that the products bought by them really come from the PAMP® Refinery. IBIS InGold® is an authorised company which follows strict criteria given by the strict requirements of Swiss law.  It is also a guarantee that the goods which come from unverified sources or the goods with the risk of falsification shall not end up in the investor’s hands.

The PAMP® Refinery is considered as the most prestigious refinery in the world of investment metals that is always one step ahead of others. The Refinery was the first one, which introduced decoration of its ingots with beautiful motifs, and its beautiful goddess LADY FORTUNA™ – goddess of fortune and abundance – became an easily recognizable symbol of their investment ingots. As one of the few refineries, they have been handling the manufacture of minted bars in weights higher than 100 grammes for a longer period of time. The last unique news is introducing a new, non-destructive and reliable technology VERISCAN™ for authenticating the origin of ingots.

The Refinery was founded in 1977, with its headquarters in the Swiss canton of Ticino. PAMP® manufactures a complete range of investment ingots from gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Nowadays, the Refinery is recognized as

the worldwide leader in the manufacture of precious metal ingots with the weight from 1 gramme to 100 grammes. It is a supplier of semi-products manufactured from precious metals for the Swiss clock industry. They manufacture coins and coin blanks for central banks and state mints of many countries. They refine precious metals, both directly from mining and from recycling. They provide their clients with the possibility of storing investment metals.

Good Delivery Accreditation is a standard in the world of precious metals. PAMP® is one of the three refineries which is kept by LBMA a LPPM under the status “referee“. It means that a new member cannot be accepted without their approval.

Their products were also certified by the Swiss National Bank, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Shanghai Gold Exchange, COMEX/NYMEX, and TOCOM.