With investment gold, you build your wealth faster

A revolutionary service of IBIS InGold®

The ownership of gold as a mean of building assets and securing families has a very long history. There are many saving products and investment opportunities. Why to save in gold?

Beside property, money and securities, investment gold is a portfolio stabilizer. A balanced distribution of investments shall help you to build your wealth in a safer and more efficient way.

You do not have to posses of hundreds of thousands at the beginning in order to start purchasing precious metals. There are no limits that would have you tied up. iiplan® provides you with freedom in saving style. You shall select (by yourself) what ingots or

coins you shall buy, in what amount and what the amount of your regular payment, which you shall send to your contract, shall be.

You can adjust the amount of regular payments and their frequency in the course of saving. You can send any exceptional deposits while accelerating the purchase of investment metals.

iiplan® opens your way to investment metals wide.

iiplan® (i.e. intelligent investment plan) of IBIS InGold® is a form of medium-term or long-term saving. It is a method how to create your wealth step by step in the “currency” which is convertible all around the world.

With iiplan® you minimize the risk of incorrect timing of investment. You shall buy investment ingots or coins gradually

from each credited payment, while using cost average effect. Confirmation of each payment shall be sent to your e-mail address. You can follow the course of your saving in your user’s account which shall be available to you immediately upon concluding a contract.

Why iiplan®

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